Union New Jersey Mother Andrea Alarcon Tragically Dies in Murder Suicide

Union, New Jersey, has suffered a devastating loss as a result of the tragic death of Andrea Alarcon.

Andrea Alarcon was a much-loved Union, New Jersey, community member, and they all mourn her passing. It appears that Andrea, her husband, and their two young kids were all found dead in their house on January 17, 2024. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are consistent with a murder-suicide. Everyone in the neighborhood is in a state of profound grief due to the startling news.

After taking the life of her husband, Andrea Alarcon subsequently cruelly murdered the lives of her two young girls before taking her own life, according to the preliminary findings of the investigations that have been conducted. Even though the reason behind this heinous deed is unknown, others assume that financial issues may have contributed.

To express their sorrow and to honor Andrea and her family, members of the Union community have gathered together. At St. Michael’s Church in Union City, New Jersey, on Wednesday, January 24, a memorial liturgy will be celebrated in honor of the deceased woman. As a further gesture of respect for the victims, members of the community have gathered in front of the Alarcon family’s residence and lit candles.

Honoring the memory of Andrea Alarcon

Andrea Alarcon, born in May 1982, was a caring mother and a much-loved Union community member. She had a solid connection to the region and attended school there. Andrea’s dedication to her family and affection for where she was born earned her much respect.

Over more than a decade, Andrea Alarcon was married to Ruben Alarcon, and the couple was blessed with two lovely kids. Two years later, in 2014, they welcomed their first child, Scarlett, and then three years later, they welcomed Emma. The devastating loss of the Alarcon family has created a vacuum in the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of knowing them.

Acknowledging and Accepting the Tragic Event

On January 17, 2024, the authorities arrived at the residence of the Alarcon family to attend to some paperwork. It was then that they became aware of the tragic event. They instead came across a horrifying scene, which consisted of Andrea, Ruben, Scarlett, and Emma, all suffering from gunshot wounds individually. The discovery of a firearm in the vicinity of Andrea lends credence to the notion that she was the perpetrator of this heinous deed.

According to reports, the Alarcon family was experiencing financial difficulties, which resulted in their selling their home in November for 322,000 dollars. One possible explanation for the family’s unfortunate circumstances played a role. On the other hand, the precise reasons that Andrea acted this way are still unknown.

Generosity and condolences from the community

During these difficult months, the Union community has come together to support and sympathize with the Alarcon family. Compassion and condolences have been pouring in from those affected by this tragedy, including friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Alarcon family during this difficult time. In this time of unfathomable grief, may their souls rest in peace, and may the community of Union find the strength to come together and support one another. This is Samantha Thompson.

Love and light are being sent to everyone impacted by this tragic event. In times of tragedy, we can be found standing together as a community and offering support to one another. A. Johnson, Michael, and

Our hearts and prayers are with the Alarcon family and others close to them during this difficult time. They may find comfort in the memories they shared and the support they received from their community. E. R. Roberts, Emily

The Union community has been left with a significant hole due to the passing of Andrea Alarcon and her family. Despite the difficulties they are experiencing, the community continues to be unified in its support for one another and in its remembrance of those who have passed away.

Note: The information provided in this article is derived from currently available sources and may be subject to change if additional details become available.

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