Pennsylvania Man Charged with Murder and Abusing Corpse After Father Found Decapitated: Investigation Underway.


Man Charged with First-Degree Murder and Abusing a Corpse after Father Found Decapitated in Pennsylvania

Following the discovery of his father’s severed head, a man has been charged with first-degree murder and abusing a corpse in Middletown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The authorities are now investigating a disturbing video that has surfaced on social media, allegedly showing the suspect holding up his father’s head.

The gruesome discovery was made on Tuesday night when the father’s lifeless body, tragically beheaded, was found in the bathroom of his own home. The 32-year-old suspect, identified as Justin Mohn, was later captured in Fort Indiantown Gap, approximately 100 miles distant.

Addressing the incident, Captain Pete Feeney of the Middletown Township Police Department expressed his relief that law enforcement was able to locate the suspect swiftly. “We didn’t know where he was going and his intentions when he left here,” he said. “Fortunately, we got a location based on his cellphone.”

The arrest of Mohn, who also faces a weapons possession charge, was executed without any untoward incidents. He was arraigned early Wednesday and is currently being held without bail. A hearing has been scheduled for February 8 to address the charges against him further.

At present, it remains unclear whether Mohn has legal representation. His attorney is not listed in court records, and efforts to contact one have not been successful. The court clerk’s office has been contacted for confirmation on legal representation.

In addition to the murder and corpse abuse charges, detectives are now delving into a video that is believed to have been posted by Mohn himself. In the video, he can be seen holding what appears to be his father’s severed head while making threats against federal law enforcement agencies. The authenticity and context of the video are being thoroughly investigated to shed light on the motive behind this horrific crime.

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