Aldi Worker Aysel I Shot Dead by Ex-Partner in Plamen P. Their In German Supermarket.

Tragic Incident at Aldi Supermarket: Ex-Partner Shoots and Kills Worker.

An employee of Aldi was murdered by her ex-partner in front of horrified customers at a supermarket in Morfelden-Walldorf, which is located close to Frankfurt, Germany. This shocking turn of events occurred in front of the shoppers. The victim, who has only been identified as Aysel I, had made a chilling prediction about her death at the hands of her partner. She told her family that she would “go to work and will not come home” because he would come and kill her.

Aysel, a 38-year-old Bulgarian of Turkish descent who had been living in Germany for 13 years, was stacking shelves in the budget store when she was approached by her ex-partner, identified as Plamen P. Their argument quickly escalated. Within minutes, Plamen pulled out a semi-automatic gun and allegedly fired several shots at Aysel. Tragically, one of the bullets struck her in the head, instantly ending her life in front of shocked shoppers, including young children and employees.

After that, the shooter turned the weapon on himself, and he ultimately passed away at the scene on January 15 as well. Police officers swiftly arrived at the supermarket and cordoned off the area. Those who witnessed the bloodbath were offered counseling to help them cope with the traumatic experience.

According to authorities, Plamen shot Aysel out of bitterness over the end of their relationship. Despite having no criminal record, he had allegedly been harassing the victim for months following their breakup. Aysel had even taken legal action, reporting him to the police multiple times and obtaining a restraining order against him. Plamen was due to attend a court hearing in February for an alleged assault on Aysel.

Her brother, Altanay, spoke to local media, expressing his devastation over the loss of his sister. He revealed that Aysel had confided in him, saying, “One day, I’ll go to work and won’t come home. He will come and kill me.” Aysel had only been working at Aldi for a year before this tragic incident occurred.

Prosecutors are now investigating how Plamen obtained the gun, as he did not possess a firearms license. As a result of the incident, the supermarket was closed for cleaning, and candles were placed at the entrance as a tribute to Aysel.

This heartbreaking incident, which serves as a reminder, serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence and the urgent need for measures to protect victims. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting victims.

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