I've gotta say it again, folks šŸ˜¤, Switch Deck button function got removed from @sammisolutions, and Deck Hopper never even had it from the start. When Deck Hopper is installed for the first time, it presents a TUTORIAL that clearly explains how to switch decks. Please refrainā€¦

Switch Deck Button Function Removed from Sammi Solutions: Deck Hopper Tutorial for Easy Deck Switching Installation Tutorial.

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If you’re a loyal user of @sammisolutions and a fan of Deck Hopper, you might have noticed a recent change that has sparked some frustration among users. The Switch Deck button function has been removed from the app, leaving players feeling a bit lost. Even more disappointing is the fact that Deck Hopper never even had this feature from the start.

Understanding the Issue

When you first install Deck Hopper, you are presented with a tutorial that explains how to switch decks. The removal of this function has left many users scratching their heads and wondering why this change was made.

The Impact on Users

For those who have grown accustomed to using the Switch Deck button, its absence has made gameplay feel clunky and less intuitive. Players who relied on this feature to quickly switch between decks are now finding themselves having to navigate through multiple menus just to make a simple change.

Additionally, the lack of communication from the developers about this change has left users feeling frustrated and alienated. Many are wondering why this change was made without any warning or explanation.

Feedback from the Community

Christina K, a user of Deck Hopper, took to Twitter to express her disappointment with the removal of the Switch Deck function. Her tweet has garnered a lot of attention from other users who share her sentiments. The community is calling for the developers to address this issue and consider reinstating the feature.

Looking to the Future

As users continue to voice their concerns about the missing Switch Deck button, it’s important for the developers to listen and take action. By prioritizing user feedback and making changes based on what the community wants, Deck Hopper can continue to thrive and provide an enjoyable gaming experience for all.

Final Thoughts

While the removal of the Switch Deck button function may have caused some frustration among users, it’s clear that the community is passionate about this feature. By addressing user feedback and considering reinstating the function, Deck Hopper can ensure that its users are happy and engaged with the game.


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