Just recorded the footage for a tutorial on HOW TO airdrop tokens to 1,000 wallets per transaction on Magma:Onyx TESTNET. Next step is to edit that footage and the video will be uploaded. POSSIBLY tonight, but if not then it will be up tomorrow morning. Shout out @pondscanšŸ«”

Tutorial on How to Airdrop Tokens to 1,000 Wallets on Magma:Onyx TESTNET with JayRa.eth

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2. Magma Onyx TESTNET

If you’re interested in learning how to airdrop tokens to multiple wallets in one transaction on the Magma:Onyx Testnet, then you’re in luck! Recently, JayRa.eth recorded footage for a tutorial on this very topic. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the process and provide you with all the details you need to replicate this yourself.

Recording the Tutorial

JayRa.eth shared on Twitter that he has just finished recording the footage for the tutorial. This step is crucial as it allows viewers to follow along visually and understand each step of the process. The video will be edited before being uploaded for everyone to access.

Uploading the Video

Once the footage has been edited, JayRa.eth will upload the video for all to see. This is an exciting development as it means that you’ll soon be able to learn how to airdrop tokens to multiple wallets in a single transaction on the Magma:Onyx Testnet. Keep an eye out for the video, as it may be uploaded tonight or tomorrow morning.

Shoutout to Pondscan

JayRa.eth gave a shoutout to Pondscan in his tweet. It’s always great to see members of the community supporting each other and working together to share knowledge and information. This demonstrates the collaborative nature of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

What to Expect in the Tutorial

During the tutorial, you can expect JayRa.eth to walk you through the entire process of airdropping tokens to multiple wallets on the Magma:Onyx Testnet. He will likely provide step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to make the process as smooth as possible. By the end of the video, you should feel confident in your ability to replicate the airdrop yourself.

Why Airdrop Tokens?

Airdropping tokens is a popular method used by projects to distribute tokens to a large number of people quickly and efficiently. It’s a great way to build awareness, reward loyal community members, and attract new users to a platform. Learning how to airdrop tokens yourself can be a valuable skill to have in the cryptocurrency space.

Final Thoughts

Keep an eye out for JayRa.eth’s tutorial on how to airdrop tokens to multiple wallets on the Magma:Onyx Testnet. It’s an exciting opportunity to learn a new skill and potentially participate in airdrops in the future. Stay tuned for the video upload and get ready to expand your knowledge in the world of cryptocurrency!


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