Evaluate Skill: Hughes vs Quinn – Why Seth Jones is Not the Better Defenseman – Learn from your Last Take #NHL #Hockey #Defensemen

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It’s not uncommon for sports fans to engage in heated debates about the top players in the National Hockey League. Evaluating skill in the NHL is a complex task that requires a keen eye and a deep understanding of the game. One recent Twitter exchange highlighted the importance of accurately assessing a player’s abilities, particularly when comparing two talented defensemen.

Setting the Stage: Hughes vs. Jones

In the Twitter exchange, a user criticized another for their previous assessment of Quinn Hughes, a star defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks. The user pointed out that the individual had once claimed that Seth Jones, another prominent defenseman, was superior to Hughes. This comparison sparked a debate about the criteria for evaluating skill in NHL players.

Understanding Defensive Skill

When it comes to evaluating the skill of NHL defensemen, there are several key factors to consider. Skating ability, defensive positioning, puck-handling skills, and hockey IQ all play a crucial role in determining a player’s effectiveness on the ice. While statistics can provide some insight into a player’s performance, they do not always tell the full story.

Skating Ability

Skating is a fundamental skill for any NHL player, but it is particularly important for defensemen. A defenseman must be able to move quickly and efficiently around the ice to support the offense, break up plays, and defend against opposing forwards. Quinn Hughes is known for his exceptional skating ability, which allows him to control the pace of the game and make swift transitions from defense to offense.

Defensive Positioning

Defensive positioning is another critical aspect of evaluating a defenseman’s skill. A player who can anticipate plays, block passing lanes, and disrupt the opposition’s offensive strategy is invaluable to their team. Seth Jones is praised for his strong defensive positioning and ability to read the game, making him a formidable force on the blue line.

Puck-Handling Skills

Being able to handle the puck effectively is a valuable skill for any NHL player, but it is especially important for defensemen. A defenseman who can make accurate passes, carry the puck up the ice, and contribute to the team’s offensive efforts is a significant asset. Quinn Hughes is known for his exceptional puck-handling skills, which allow him to create scoring opportunities and drive play from the back end.

Hockey IQ

Perhaps the most elusive quality to quantify, hockey IQ encompasses a player’s understanding of the game, situational awareness, and decision-making skills. A defenseman with a high hockey IQ can anticipate plays, make smart choices under pressure, and adapt to changing game situations. Both Quinn Hughes and Seth Jones are praised for their hockey IQ, which sets them apart as elite defensemen in the NHL.


When evaluating skill in NHL players, it is essential to consider a wide range of factors, from skating ability to hockey IQ. While statistics can provide some insight into a player’s performance, they do not always capture the full extent of a player’s abilities. Quinn Hughes and Seth Jones are both exceptional defensemen in their own right, each possessing unique skills that contribute to their success on the ice.


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