Why I Stopped Watching TV News: An Analysis of Constant Discussion and Fighting, and the Need for Unbiased Reporting

A Twitter user named @TJTarheel expresses their disinterest in watching televised news, stating that they prefer to get their information from reliable sources like AP and Reuters, without all the unnecessary discussion and fighting often found on TV news channels..

Why People Are Turning Away from TV News

Television has long been a trusted source of news for many, but it seems that this is changing. A recent tweet from user @TJTarheel highlights a growing trend of people opting out of televised news in favor of alternative sources.

The tweet, posted on February 2, 2024, states, “TV news, people have it on constantly and Eve no the best are mostly discussion or fighting about something new. I stopped watching televised news several years ago. I get the AP, Reuters etc…just the facts mam. I get all breaking news without all the B. S.”

This sentiment is echoed by an increasing number of individuals who feel that traditional news broadcasts are becoming increasingly biased and sensationalized. Many people now rely on online news outlets such as the Associated Press and Reuters, which are known for their impartial reporting.

The shift away from televised news is not without its consequences. While online news sources provide quick access to breaking news, they may lack the in-depth analysis and context that television news programs can offer. Additionally, the constant bombardment of news updates on social media can be overwhelming and contribute to the spread of misinformation.

It is clear that the way we consume news is changing, and it is up to individuals to find reliable sources that provide accurate and unbiased information. Whether it’s through traditional television broadcasts or online platforms, staying informed is crucial in today’s fast-paced world.


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