Turkish Woman Divorces Husband Due to Poor Hygiene Habits

AY accuses CY of neglecting personal hygiene, leading to divorce

A Turkish woman has filed for divorce, citing her husband’s poor hygiene habits as the primary reason for ending their marriage. AY, the woman in question, claims that her husband, CY, did not maintain regular showering routines, wore the same clothes for extended periods, and neglected oral hygiene by brushing his teeth infrequently. Witnesses presented by AY in court have confirmed these allegations against her husband.

The couple’s case was heard by the 19th Family Court, which found CY to be entirely at fault and subsequently granted the divorce. As part of the ruling, AY was awarded a compensation of 500 thousand liras (approximately 16,419.12 USD). The decision was upheld by the Regional Court of Justice in Ankara and further approved by the 2nd Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals, finalizing the divorce. It was determined by the Supreme Court that CY’s lack of personal hygiene and body odor were the primary causes for the divorce, absolving AY of any responsibility.

Lawyer supports compensation decision

AY’s lawyer, Senem Yılmazel, supported the compensation decision, stating that under civil law, divorce reasons can be categorized as special or general. In this particular case, the divorce was prompted by the defendant’s disregard for personal hygiene, including irregular showering and teeth brushing. The court deemed CY entirely at fault and AY partially at fault, resulting in the compensation claim and subsequent awarding of money to AY.

Higher courts, including the Regional Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Appeals, reviewed and confirmed the decision’s validity. Witness testimonies, provided by mutual friends and colleagues of the couple, played a crucial role in substantiating AY’s allegations. These witnesses attested to CY’s body odor and his habit of wearing the same clothes for consecutive days.

Maintaining shared life responsibilities

Lawyer Yılmazel emphasized the importance of spouses fulfilling their responsibilities in a shared life and the right to seek divorce if certain behaviors become unbearable. Yılmazel concluded by highlighting the significance of mindfulness in behavior and cleanliness in all human relationships.


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