Hogaza Masa Madre de Aceitunas y Hierbas Finas – García Aburto 137, Hermosillo Sonora. Try our delicious sourdough bread with olives and fine herbs. Locally sourced and made with love. Visit us at Loma Linda, near the military barracks and Imarc Loma Linda school.

Experience the exquisite flavors of Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas at García Aburto 137 in Hermosillo. Located near the military barracks and Imarc Loma Linda school, this culinary gem is nestled in the entrance of the Santa Lucia neighborhood. Indulge in this savory treat and savor the goodness of local ingredients. From the crispy tartine to the mouthwatering sourdough toast, each bite is a delightful culinary adventure. Don’t miss out on this unique gastronomic experience. Visit García Aburto 137 and discover why good food truly equals good mood.

Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas

García Aburto 137 esquina con Yocupicio. Colonia Loma Linda.

Cerca del cuartel militar, a un lado del colegio Imarc Loma Linda en la entrada del fraccionamiento Santa Lucia.

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If you’re a bread lover like me, you’re in for a treat! Have you ever tried a hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas? This mouthwatering artisan bread is a true delight for the senses. With its robust flavors and rustic texture, it’s the perfect companion for any meal. Whether you’re a seasoned bread connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of bread baking, this recipe is a must-try!

Location: García Aburto 137, Hermosillo

Located at García Aburto 137, in the beautiful city of Hermosillo, this hidden gem is a true heaven for food enthusiasts. Situated at the corner of Yocupicio, in the Loma Linda neighborhood, it’s just a stone’s throw away from the military barracks. You can easily find it right next to the Imarc Loma Linda school, at the entrance of the Santa Lucia residential area. So, if you’re in the area, make sure to pay them a visit and indulge in their delectable treats!

Support Local Businesses

At Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas, they believe in the power of supporting local businesses. By choosing to consume their delicious products, you’re not only treating yourself to a culinary delight, but you’re also contributing to the growth of the local economy. So, next time you’re looking for a place to satisfy your bread cravings, remember to #consumelocalhmo and support the vibrant food scene in Hermosillo!

Experience the Charm of Hermosillo

Hermosillo is a city known for its rich culinary heritage and vibrant food culture. It’s a place where flavors come alive, and dining becomes an experience in itself. When you visit Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas, you’re not just enjoying a delicious meal – you’re immersing yourself in the local food scene and embracing the true essence of Hermosillo. So, whether you’re a local or a traveler passing through, make sure to add this charming bakery to your culinary itinerary!

Indulge in the Perfect Tartine

One of the highlights of Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas is their delectable tartine. Made with their signature artisan bread, this open-faced sandwich is a true work of art. Imagine a thick slice of freshly baked bread, toasted to perfection, topped with a generous spread of homemade olive and herb paste. Each bite is a burst of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more. It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Unleash Your Inner Bread Baker

If you’re feeling inspired by the delicious bread at Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas, why not try your hand at bread baking? Making your own hogaza masa madre can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With just a few simple ingredients and some patience, you can create your own artisan bread masterpiece. So, roll up your sleeves, dust off your apron, and let the magic of bread-making unfold in your kitchen!


Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas is more than just a bakery – it’s a gateway to the rich culinary heritage of Hermosillo. With their dedication to quality, support for local businesses, and mouthwatering bread creations, they have become a beloved destination for food lovers. So, the next time you find yourself in Hermosillo, make sure to stop by and experience the magic of Hogaza masa madre de aceitunas y hierbas finas for yourself. Your taste buds will thank you!


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