Bangalow Sports Fields Lighting Upgrade Gets Underway with Energy-Efficient LEDs

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Bangalow Sports Fields Lighting Upgrade Set to Begin

The much-anticipated upgrade of the lighting system at the Bangalow sports fields is set to commence next week. This significant development will not only enhance the overall functionality of the fields but also improve safety for athletes and users alike.

During the construction period, access to the car park situated at the bottom of the playing fields, near Jeff Schneider Oval, will be restricted. Additionally, some sections of the path and playing fields will have limited access throughout the duration of the project. Weather permitting, the project is estimated to be completed by mid to late March.

The NSW Government’s Essential Community Sports Assets program has allocated an impressive $795,000 to fund this much-needed upgrade. The existing lights, which are mounted on timber poles, have reached the end of their lifespan and are in dire need of replacement. The new lighting system will feature state-of-the-art energy-efficient LEDs, providing superior illumination and reducing light spillage.

Malcolm Robertson, Manager of Open Spaces and Facilities, emphasized the benefits of the upcoming lighting upgrade. He stated, “Not only will we achieve significant cost savings of approximately $35,000 annually on electricity, but the maintenance and upkeep of the new light poles will be considerably reduced.”

The taller light poles, measuring between five to seven meters, will boast a sleek design that minimizes light spillage, thus reducing the impact on neighboring properties and local wildlife. Furthermore, the enhanced lighting will significantly enhance safety for individuals utilizing the sports fields and the adjacent shared path.

The decision to prioritize improved lighting for evening activities was informed by valuable feedback received on the Bangalow Sports Fields Masterplan. This upgrade marks an important step towards creating a safe and inclusive environment for all sports enthusiasts.

The Bangalow sports fields, located in the picturesque town of Bangalow, New South Wales, have long been a hub for various sporting events and recreational activities. The lighting upgrade project signifies a commitment to continuously enhance these facilities for the benefit of the local community.

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