Homeless Woman Kayla Denise Mackey Arrested for Fatal Shooting of Edward Williams III in Santa Monica

By J. Chess

Suspect Apprehended in Santa Monica Homicide

On a somber Thursday morning in Santa Monica, a life was tragically ended, echoing the escalating issue of violence in the city. police apprehended the suspect, identified as Kayla Denise Mackey, a 27-year-old homeless woman, on Friday morning in West Los Angeles.

A Life Cut Short

The victim was 46-year-old Edward Williams III, a resident of Los Angeles. Known for his spirit of community service, Edward was tragically shot in his vehicle on the 2600 block of 29th Street around 10:30 am. Witnesses reported that Edward was badly injured and was bleeding profusely before the paramedics arrived. Despite their swift arrival and immediate transportation to the nearest hospital, Edward succumbed to his injuries, passing away later that afternoon.

The Incident

Santa Monica, a vibrant city known for its coastal beauty and artistic spirit, was the location of this unfortunate incident. The particular area where the shooting occurred, the 2600 block of 29th Street, is a residential locale, making the event even more shocking for the residents. Witnesses recall a dispute preceding the shooting, indicating a possible argument between the victim and the suspect. After the gunshots were heard, the suspect fled the scene, managing to evade capture overnight despite the extensive police presence.

The Investigation and Arrest

The Santa Monica Police Department played a crucial role in apprehending the suspect. The witness descriptions were instrumental in helping detectives identify Mackey and pinpoint her location. The investigation is still ongoing as police are working diligently to ascertain the possible motive behind the shooting.

Support for the Victim’s Family

In the wake of this tragic incident, a GoFundMe page has been set up to assist Edward’s grieving family with funeral expenses. It serves as a testament to the community’s solidarity in times of tragedy.

Call for Information

The Santa Monica Police Department is urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward. Community members can reach out to Detective George Burciaga or Detective Sergeant Ryan Gradle via email or direct phone calls to the Police Department watch commander 24 hours a day at 310-458-8427.

In these challenging times, the role of the community becomes even more crucial in ensuring safety and justice. By working together, we can hope for a safer, more peaceful Santa Monica..

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