Fatal Shooting Victim Identified as James Champion IV in Richmond’s Gilpin Court Incident

By J. Chess

In a recent unfortunate incident in Richmond, Virginia, a man’s life was brutally cut short due to a reckless act of violence. On the evening of January 25th, Richmond police Department confirmed the identity of the victim from the fatal shooting that occurred on West Federal Street in Gilpin Court, an area located in Richmond’s Northside.

The Incident

Based on the information provided by the Richmond Police, the incident took place around 7:15 pm. Officers were alerted to a shooting report on the 100 block of West Federal Street in Gilpin Court. On arrival at the scene, the officers discovered a distressing sight. A 43-year-old man identified as James Champion IV, a resident of Richmond, was found lifeless in the stairwell of an apartment building.

The Victim

James Champion IV was a resident of Richmond city, known for his quiet demeanor and strong ties to the community. He was found with a fatal gunshot wound, which tragically led to his untimely death. The unfortunate incident has left a deep void in the community and has been a stark reminder of the ongoing issues of violence that plague our society.

Consequence of the Incident

The unfortunate incident has stimulated a wave of concern amongst the residents of Gilpin Court, a neighborhood known for its close-knit community and familial bonds. The shocking incident has left the community in deep sorrow and mourning, sparking renewed calls for increased security and stringent action against the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

Call for Information

The Richmond Police Department is actively investigating the incident and has urged anyone with any relevant information to step forward. The Police Department can be reached at 804-646-3246. The information provided could be critical in aiding the police in their investigation, and ensuring justice is served for James Champion IV.

As the community mourns the loss of one of its own, the Richmond Police Department remains committed to ensuring the safety of the residents and bringing the perpetrator(s) to justice.


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