Calgary Man Murdered Estranged Wife at School Drop-off Before Committing Suicide: Charges Withdrawn After Deaths

By J. Chess

In a recent development in Calgary, charges have been officially withdrawn against a man, referred to as KG, who was accused of murdering his estranged wife, identified as MN, outside an elementary school during morning drop-off. The incident occurred last week, and KG is said to have taken his own life shortly afterwards. The couple was in the process of finalising their divorce and lived separately. The unfortunate incident has left their three children orphaned.

The Incident: A Timeline

The horrific incident took place outside the John Costello Catholic School in the city’s southwest on a cold morning of January 16. MN was fatally stabbed and KG’s body was discovered nearby within a few hours. He had taken his own life. At the time of the incident, KG was facing three sets of charges in court in relation to alleged criminal behaviour that had begun the previous summer.

Prior Charges and Warrants

In July, KG was charged with a domestic violence offence and was subsequently released on bail. The conditions of his bail prohibited him from contacting MN or their children unless permitted by a court order. However, KG was charged with breaching this no contact order twice, once in September and again in November.

On the fateful day of the murder, new warrants for KG’s arrest were issued due to new charges of harassment and breaching the no-contact order. Court records reveal that the warrants were signed at 9 a.m. that morning, almost 90 minutes after KG had killed MN. This suggests that police likely began the paperwork at least a day before.

Locating the Accused

The court documents listed KG’s address as “whereabouts unknown”. This was despite 2023 court records providing a northwest address for KG. Criminal defence lawyer and former RCMP officer Chad Haggerty suggests that police likely tried to arrest him at least the day before but were unable to locate him. Standard police procedure in such situations would involve trying to locate the suspect through phone, email, visiting known locations, or speaking with his associates.

Investigation and Review Process

Despite KG’s death, the case is still under investigation. The Calgary Police Service (CPS) has stated that they will continue to investigate the matter thoroughly, just like any other homicide case. An internal review is also being conducted to learn from this tragic incident. Furthermore, a potential provincial review could provide a more comprehensive look at the entire system surrounding this case.

MN had previously reached out to the police and had been provided with court support and safety planning. The CPS declined to share further details at this time but assured that the investigation is ongoing. This tragic incident has left a deep impact on the community and raised questions about the effectiveness of protective measures for victims of domestic violence.


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