Fatal Snowmobile Crash Claims Life of Stacey McGarry, 56, in Berlin, New Hampshire: Investigation Underway

By J. Chess

Date: January 25, 2024

On a bitterly cold Tuesday, January 23, 2024, the town of Berlin, New Hampshire witnessed a fatal snowmobile crash on the Corridor 12 trail, close to Androscoggin Valley Hospital. The unfortunate victim of this tragic accident was identified as Stacey McGarry, a 56-year-old woman from Littleton, Massachusetts. Stacey was known for her vibrant spirit and love for adventure, making her loss all the more devastating.

Emergency Response

Upon receiving the distress call, officers from Berlin police Department were the first to arrive at the scene, strategically located a short distance from the hospital’s back parking lot. With immense dedication and urgency, the officers initiated lifesaving procedures. Despite their heroic efforts, the severity of McGarry’s injuries proved too extreme.

In the wake of the police officers’ swift action, members of the Berlin Fire Department and Berlin Ambulance EMS arrived at the crash site. Two Fish and Game Conservation Officers were also dispatched, though their location was considerably further from the scene.

Investigation Details

Following immediate response efforts, an initial investigation was conducted at the scene. Information gathered from an interview with the sole witness to the crash helped investigators piece together the tragic event. It was revealed that McGarry, along with a passenger, were travelling west on the popular Corridor 12 trail.

According to the witness, the fatal incident occurred when McGarry failed to execute a right-hand turn along the trail. Instead, she proceeded straight, leading the snowmobile off the trail. This resulted in a catastrophic collision with a rock, propelling the snowmobile into the air and subsequently into a tree. This violent impact led to McGarry’s fatal injuries and the forceful ejection of the passenger.

About Corridor 12

Corridor 12 is a well-known trail in the Berlin area, frequently used by snowmobile enthusiasts for its scenic beauty and challenging routes. The trail is situated near Androscoggin Valley Hospital, providing easy access for emergency response teams in case of any unfortunate incidents. However, it is also a trail that demands caution and skill from its users, as tragically demonstrated by this incident.

As we mourn the loss of Stacey McGarry, it is a sobering reminder of the importance of safety measures while enjoying these thrilling outdoor activities. Our thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends during this difficult time.


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